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Ear Doctor in White Lake, MI

Your ears are responsible for receiving and transmitting auditory stimuli to your brain, which facilitates the process of hearing. Through your ears and brain, you can make sense of the sounds or the world around you. You get to enjoy music, hear the sound of the ocean, hear your phone ring, and even hear that horn honking that immediately signals you to move out of the way. It’s an important organ for awareness, enjoyment, and survival.

Your ears are also responsible for your sense of balance, which is what keeps you standing upright and prevents you from falling when you walk. This is why any complication or problems with our ears can be heavily distressing. Not only does it impact your hearing, it also impacts your balance.

The Need for an ENT Specialist or Ear Doctor

An ENT specialist (ears, nose and throat doctor) would know the disorders and problems of the ears can be quite common, because of the sensitive nature of the small parts of the ears, as well as some of the common practices that damage the ears such as:

  • Ear candling
  • Rigorous cleaning of the ears using cotton buds
  • Listening to extremely loud music
  • Having your earphones on your ears all day
  • Ignoring the early signs of hearing damage

Because of these habits, there has been a rise in some of the common problems that involve the ears including:

  • Partial or full loss of hearing
  • Distortion of sounds
  • Noise intolerance
  • Pain in the ears
  • Tinnitus
  • Itchy ears
  • Ear infection
  • Foreign body inside the ear
  • Vertigo
  • Otosclerosis

Why You Should See an ENT Specialist

If a tiny hearing damage is left untreated by a qualified ENT specialist, it could lead to a worsened condition. Some people may leave certain ear conditions ignored because they are perfectly able to go about their daily lives with just a minor inconvenience. However, as hearing problems persist, some people just opt to avoid social situations or activities that may put them in embarrassment or danger. This type of isolation can lead to depression and anxiety.

It’s best to see an ENT specialist who can adequately address the problem as soon as the symptoms arise.

A persistent ear infection, if left untreated, can lead to serious complications, including:

  • Hearing loss due to Eardrum puncture
  • Facial nerve paralysis
  • Hearing and Balance Testing
  • Meningitis
  • Inflammation of the bone adjacent to the ear and around the skull called Mastoiditis
  • Meniere’s disease in adults

First-Rate Audiologist and Ear Doctor in White Lake, Michigan

The Center for Ear, Nose & Throat, P.C. has the most highly skilled, well-experienced ENT specialist in White Lake, Michigan. Our in-house ear doctor in White Lake, Michigan and his staff will administer meticulous testing to come up with an accurate and detailed diagnosis of the ear problem, and what caused it. Our board-certified and experienced audiologist will assist you with our wide range of audiology services to come up with the most accurate results. Our ENT specialist has a variety of services and procedures to diagnose and treat various ear conditions and to stop any infection before it worsens.

So if you are looking for a highly qualified ear doctor in White Lake, Michigan, contact the Center for Ear, Nose & Throat, P.C. We have the best ENT Specialist in West Bloomfield who will provide you with the best possible care to treat your ear condition.

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