Allergies Doctor White Lake MI

Allergies Doctor White Lake, MI

Allergy is a medical condition where the immune system of the affected individual reacts to a particular allergen that may have been ingested, inhaled, or even touched by the patient. A person with allergy will react to this substance as if it were a foreign “invader” that the immune system cannot tolerate. The reaction of the body usually leads to symptoms that significantly affects the patient’s quality of life.

Common Allergy Symptoms

The most commonly known and obvious symptoms of allergies include sneezing, nasal stuffiness, runny nose, water eyes, and skin rashes. However, allergies can also cause less visible but more serious problems, including nasal and throat drainage, chronic sinus problem, head congestion, dizziness, recurring ear infections, hearing loss, asthma, and chronic cough.

It is important to note that the more frequent a person is exposed to his allergens, the greater the chance he will develop an allergic problem that requires treatment.

Allergy Treatment by an ENT Allergies Doctor in White Lake, MI

Since most of the symptoms of allergies involve problems with the ears, nose, and throat, it is only ideal that you seek the help of an allergies doctor that specialize in ENT. This, however, is not a common knowledge. Many allergy patients still go to medical allergists to get their allergies treated.

Why then should you see an ENT allergies doctor in Michigan for your allergy problems?

Allergies are a very common health condition that ENT doctors deal with and treat on a daily basis. In fact, many patients visit our office and routinely complain about recurrent sinusitis, chronic cough, nasal congestion, and postnasal drainage — all of which are common symptoms of allergy problems.

Over the years, ENT doctors have gravitated towards treatment of allergy problems affecting sinuses, nasal passages, and airway.

The Best ENT Allergies Doctor in White Lake, Michigan

If you or a loved one is suffering from allergy problems that adversely affect the ears, nose, and/or throat, we recommend that you consult with an ENT allergies doctor right away. If you are located in West Bloomfield or surrounding area, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Steven J. Kin, D.O., F.A.O.C.O., our top-notch resident ENT allergies doctor who is board certified in otorhinolaryngology and oro-facial plastic surgery.

At Center for Ears, Nose & Throat, PC, our approach to treating allergy problems include the following steps:

  1. We will provide a thorough assessment of your condition and review of your allergy history.
  2. Depending on the information you provide, Dr. Kin may either prescribe antihistamine medication, nasal spray or suggest that you undergo an allergy test to accurately identify your triggers.
  3. Allergy tests can be performed through skin testing or RAST. For immediate results, skin testing is often the preferred method of choice.
  4. Allergy skin testing is performed by doing small injections usually under the skin of the upper arm. Different inhalant allergens will be tested on your skin, including dust, molds, pollen, and even specific food substances.

Allergens that react positively will cause the injection site to swell or increase in size. For positive triggers, we will test them further to gain a more accurate idea on how strong the allergy serum will be used for immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy from Our Top-Notch Allergies Doctor in White Lake, Michigan

Allergen immunotherapy is a preventive treatment that aims to boost your immune system to be able to fight off allergic triggers and reactions.

At Center for Ears, Nose & Throat, PC, our allergies doctor will perform the immunotherapy two weeks after testing. This is done by providing allergy shots or drops to patients weekly for 6 to 12 months, then progress to every 2 to 4 weeks afterwards. The goal of this treatment is to encourage the body to form antibodies for decreased sensitivity when exposed to the triggers or allergens.

Generally, immunotherapy is done within 3 to 5 years. However, the time period will vary from patient to patient, depending on their specific cases.

Trust Only the Best ENT Allergies Doctor in White Lake, Michigan

When it comes to your health and medical condition, you should only trust reliable health care professionals who have a proven track record in their specific field of knowledge. At Center for Ear, Nose & Throat, P.C., we combine the use of medication, immunotherapy and environmental control to help our patients overcome their allergy problems, and eventually live their life as normal as possible. With Dr. Kin’s over 20 years of experience as an ENT allergies doctor in White Lake Michigan, you can rest assured that you will be given the much needed relief you truly deserve.

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