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Allergies Doctor Novi, MI

Allergies create an immune system response in a person when they encounter a certain allergen. This can be a serious medical condition in some cases. Allergens trigger reactions if someone has ingested, inhaled, or even touched one. The allergens trigger an immune response and the body treats the particles as invaders that are not tolerable in an affected individuals’ body. Allergies generally influence a patient’s quality of life a great extent but vary in severity.

Commonly Experienced Allergy Symptoms

There are quite a few symptoms that are characteristic of allergies, and they are sneezing, nasal stuffiness, runny nose, watery eyes, and skin rashes. Allergies can also cause internal reactions that, while they may not be visible, may be more severe. Head congestion, dizziness, persistent drainage, sinus pressure, ear infections or loss, and persistent cough are some symptoms that are more internalized.

Consulting an allergy doctor would be beneficial as symptoms become worse. Repeated exposure to allergens can result in worsening symptoms for the inflicted person. If this is the case, more specific treatment may be required.

Treatment from an Allergies Doctor – ENT Specialist in Novi, MI

The ears, nose, and throat of patients are generally the areas most affected by allergies. It is beneficial to work with an allergies doctor that specializes in ear, nose, and throat. While it is not uncommon to search for a medical allergist to treat your symptoms, working with an allergies doctor with a specialization in ENT is the most beneficial.

What are the benefits of seeking treatment with allergies doctor that specialized in ENT?

ENT specialists commonly treat patients who suffer from allergies. Many people suffer from allergies, and they are a common health condition. The patient’s allergies doctors treat daily suffer from a persistent cough, congestion, drainage, and recurrent sinusitis. Symptoms like those can be common in people who suffer from allergies.

ENT specialists frequently treat allergies because they directly affect the sinuses, nasal passageways, and airways.

Best ENT Allergies Doctor in Novi, Michigan

Allergies doctors that also specialize in ENT are recommended if you need to consult someone regarding your allergy issues. When your allergies adversely affect your throat, nose, or ears an ENT allergies doctor is the best choice for treatment.  Dr. Steven J. Kin, D.O., F.A.O.C.O is an allergies doctor in Novi, Michigan, and he is an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Not only is Dr. Kin an amazing allergist, but he is also board certified in otorhinolaryngology and oro-facial plastic surgery. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kin and receive the best possible care at his office conveniently located near Novi Michigan.

When treating patients with allergy issues we at Center for Ears, Nose & Throat, PC approach each case with the following steps:

  1. Assess your symptoms and thoroughly review your past medical history.
  2. After reviewing your history and symptoms, the doctor will prescribe medication such as an antihistamine or nasal spray. Further allergy tests may be suggested to pinpoint major triggers.
  3. Allergies are preferably tested through skin testing, which can give immediate results, but RAST testing can also be an option.
  4. An allergy skin test is performed by injecting small amounts of different allergens under the skin on the patient’s upper arm. Inhalant allergens such as dust, molds, and pollen will be tested, as well as other specified food substances.

Skin testing will show immediate results to allergens, and positive reactions will cause the area to become itchy, agitated, or swollen. Further allergy testing might be necessary for the allergy doctor to get an accurate idea of the strength of a patient’s allergies.

Immunotherapy from Our Experienced Allergies Doctor in Novi, Michigan

What is Allergen Immunotherapy? Immunotherapy is a treatment option that helps to lessen the severity of allergies. This treatment helps to build up your immune system to better combat your allergy triggers,

At the Center for Ears, Nose & Throat, PC, our allergies doctor takes an aggressive approach to allergy treatment because we know the burden it can put on someone suffering from allergies. Immunotherapy is done on a weekly basis over the course of six to 12 months, after that treatment is continued every 2-4 weeks. The goal of immunotherapy is to reduce the body’s sensitivity to allergens, which is done by stimulating the body to form antibodies against them.

The time frame of immunotherapy varies by patient and case specifics but is generally done over a span of 3 to 5 years.

Trust Only the Best ENT Allergies Doctor in Novi, Michigan

At the Center for Ears, Nose & Throat, P.C. we take the health and medical condition of our patients seriously. We have a strong history in the field and provide healthcare that is reliable and effective. It is important to find an allergies doctor who has your best interest in mind. The combination of medication, immunotherapy, and environmental control helps our patients lessen the harshness of their allergies and improve their quality of life. When you’re in the search for an allergies doctor in Novi, Michigan, you can be sure that Dr. Kin will help you find a treatment that will help you return to you live your life more normally again.

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