Balloon Sinuplasty Commerce Twp MI

Balloon Sinuplasty in Commerce Twp, MI

Are you experiencing some discomfort around the nose, eyes, and forehead? That might be due to an inflammation of your sinus, which could be infected, or it could be brought about by allergies. If this discomfort lasts more than 30 days, despite treatment, it is important to see a qualified ENT specialist so they can recommend the most appropriate treatment.

Sinusitis that lasts for more than 30 days is considered chronic sinusitis, not to be confused with acute sinusitis that usually comes with a fever and symptoms of the common cold. Acute sinusitis typically goes away after the infection is cleared. But persistent sinusitis does not respond to medication including nasal steroids, antibiotics, or other over-the-counter drugs that are formulated to target nasal congestion.

Our Treatment for Chronic Sinusitis

When you notice your symptoms are not easing despite the medication, and even if the infection or allergies have cleared, it is best to come see your trusted ENT specialist in Commerce Twp Michigan. Here at Center for Ear, Nose, and Throat P.C., we have the latest innovative technology to clear your sinus from blockage and immediately drain the fluid stuck in your sinuses to relieve the pressure and discomfort.

Most Effective Balloon Sinuplasty in Commerce Twp Michigan

Our expert ENT specialist has helped thousands of clients live comfortably and breathe normally after suffering from chronic sinusitis and other conditions. Our balloon sinuplasty treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that is considered one of the most efficient ways to drain pus and mucous from the sinus cavity, open up the blockage, and keep the airways open long after the procedure is over.

How It Works

Balloon sinuplasty works for blocked sinuses just like angioplasty works for blocked arteries. It makes use of catheter-based tools, to open the blocked sinus in a minimally invasive procedure with low downtime.

In this procedure, your ENT specialist will insert a specialized catheter into the nose until it reaches the sinus cavity. A balloon is gradually inflated in the blocked airway in order to widen the walls of the sinus that will allow the fluid in the cavity to drain easily. Once the catheter is removed, the sinus walls would have restructured to keep the passageway open.

Benefits of Balloon sinuplasty in Commerce Twp Michigan

1. We have the most well-experienced ENT specialist in Michigan who can do the procedure for you in a seamless and pain-free fashion.
2. After the procedure, you can go back to your daily activities within 48 hours. Unlike invasive surgery that takes at least a week to heal.
3. We have the latest technological innovation in balloon sinuplasty that makes the procedure quick and convenient, with minimal discomfort.
4. The ENT specialist can drain the pus and mucous right away without having to wait for days to see the effectiveness of the procedure.
5. Since the procedure is minimally invasive, it does not pose the risk of damaging tissues, scarring, or infection.

Our top-notch ENT specialist in Commerce Twp Michigan and the highly trained and competent staff are ready to assist you with your balloon sinuplasty needs. Contact us now and schedule an appointment with the premier ENT specialist in Michigan.

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