Balloon Sinuplasty Bloomfield Hills MI

Balloon Sinuplasty in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Have you ever experienced an uncomfortable pressure behind your eyes, and around your nose up to your forehead? This pressure could be caused by inflammation in your sinuses brought on by an allergic reaction you experienced or an infection. This pressure is uncomfortable and if it lasts for longer than 30 days, or is no responding to treatment, it could be chronic sinusitis.

What Are the Symptoms of Chronic Sinusitis?

An elongated period of sinus inflammation coupled with nasal blockages that cause difficulty breathing can be characterized as chronic sinusitis. With it, sinusitis and bring along thick nasal discharge that can drain into the back of the throat. Someone who suffers from sinusitis may notice the area around their nose and cheeks is tender to the touch and have a decreased sense of taste and smell.

When Do You Need to See an ENT Specialist?

Chronic Sinusitis can sometimes be confused with acute sinusitis, but the two do have some differences. Typically, acute sinusitis is accompanied by a fever that is brought on by an infection like a common cold. While several occurrences of acute sinusitis can develop into a more chronic issue, self-treatment with home remedies often help in relieving sinus pressure for someone who is suffering from acute sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis requires more specified treatment.

If your symptoms do not improve after treatment, an important step to take would be to consult with an ENT Specialist. Though it is rare, without treatment chronic sinusitis can create more medical complications such as the following: chronic headache, insomnia, jaw ache, permanent damage on your sense of smell, a formation of nasal cyst or infections of the eyes or nose that can even spread to the brain.

Why is a Balloon Sinuplasty the Most Efficient?

A balloon sinuplasty goes along with as little as the following four steps and is relatively quick and easy to perform.

Our thorough knowledge and depth of experience in the field makes us the best at balloon sinuplasty procedures in Michigan. The most effective way to drain the sinuses of built up mucous is by opening the congested sinus up with a balloon sinuplasty. The balloon sinuplasty procedure requires no post-operative down time, appointments or medication. The procedure has relatively minimal risk of bleeding because it does not require removal of damage of tissue.

1.) We gently insert the guided wire along with a balloon catheter into the inflicted sinus.
2.) Once the catheter is in the correct position, the balloon is gradually inflated to open the blocked sinus. This gradually expands the nasal opening.
3.) Saline solution is then sprayed into the nasal cavity to wash out the pus and mucous through the opening that was created by the catheter.
4.) After the cavity is thoroughly washed out the balloon catheter can be removed, leaving the sinuses open.

Why is The Center for Ears, Nose & Throat, PC your best option for a Balloon Sinuplasty in Michigan?

The Center for Ears, Nose & Throat, PC has twenty years of experience, multiple awards under our belt, and is one of the most experienced specialists in Michigan. You can be assured that you’re in good hands with our accomplished team of professionals.

Our balloon sinuplasty procedure is the most advanced and is seamless, pain-free, and convenient. The condition of chronic sinusitis causes a lot of discomfort. That’s why we aim to eliminate your pain with care and speed, making you’re your balloon sinuplasty experience at The Center for Ears, Nose & Throat, PC satisfactory.

Chronic sinusitis can be taxing on your daily life, if this is a medical condition you deal with daily a balloon sinuplasty could help to return your life back to normal. Our staff of highly trained and experienced professionals are ready to help you take the next steps to alleviate the burden chronic sinusitis may have created in your life. If a balloon sinuplasty is needed to treat your condition, we are prepared to help. Contact us now and schedule an appointment to learn more about balloon sinuplasty in Michigan.

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